Jazz Concert: Sanctum Sanctorium

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Jazz Concert: Sanctum Sanctorium, held at Audi Zentrum Réduit

This evening @21h10 on MBC 1

Sanctum Sanctorum is the title of the collection by the South African Music Award-nominated drummer and the versatile Motuba.
Unique in its approach to the jazz genre, Sanctum Sanctorum fuses jazz with various classical elements.
Born in 1987, Mogorosi is increasingly building a reputation on the South African jazz scene.
He refined his brush strokes alongside prominent South African jazz musicians Feya Faku, saxophonist Zim Ngqawana, bassist Herbie Tsoaeli and pianist Andile Yenan, to name a few.
Motuba, is a 24-year-old, Pretoria-born jazz vocalist who studied at Tshwane University of Technology and completed her studies in 2013.
After that she and prominent jazz musicians formed a band called The Trip. Motuba featured on Project Elo, but Sanctum Sanctorum marks the very first time that she and her husband have created an album together.
“The album is so named because ‘Sanctum Sanctorum’ is speaking the ‘holy/sacred’ ground which music/art allows,” explains Motuba.

Piano: Malcolm Braff

Drums: Tumi Mogorosi

Vocal: Gabi Motuba

Double Bass: Sebastien Schuster