Maazi Maitrin (Marathi Film)

Wednesday 3rd January, 2018 @ 20h30 on MBC 2

Cast: Nilesh Nafde, Nisha Parulekar, Dr. Vilas Ujawane, Prafulla Samant, Suvarna Kolte, Tejashri Bapat, Pandharinath Medge and child artist Divesh Medge.

Synopsis: Friendship is very important relation in the life of any human being. Among all the relations only friendship is unselfish and caring. Krishna-Radha, Krishna-Sudama are the best examples of friendship. Revolving around this relation is Marathi film MAAZI MAITRIN, little sweet and little sour. Made under the banner of Green Apple Productions the film is produced by Apoorva Nilesh Nafde, co-produced by Supriya Subhash Nafde.