Person of Interest

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Tuesday 21st March 2017 @ 2015hrs on Ciné 12

Season 4

Epidose 6 Pretenders

Synopsis : Finch tasks Shaw with making contact with their next number, mild mannered and slightly bumbling Walter Dang, an agent with Witherton Insurance. But as Finch is called away mid-case, Shaw takes his place as the compute support, while Reese and Fusco take over duties of following Dang. They will find that his life truly is as Clark Kent as he attempts to be Superman. He is secretly investigating the death of Abel Mindler, the truck driver brother of his co-worker Elena Mindler, who he sees as his Lois Lane. He is not working on this investigation for insurance purposes, but because of his interest in Elena, and secretly wanting to shed his Clark Kent life to replace "the man in the suit" he had heard about so frequently on the police scanners a few years ago. Abel's death was deemed suicide, but as a truck driver, was involved in some illegal smuggling. They will have to protect Dang against those who are after what they believe Dang knows about the whereabouts of the highly illegal ...

Source : (IMDb)