Suspects (Serial)

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Thursday 14th September, 2017 @ 23h00 on Cine 12

Saison 2 - Episode 2: Nobody else (part 2)

Director: Craig Pickles

Cast: Damien Molony, Clare-Hope Ashitey, Fay Ripley

Synopsis: As forensics prove the hammer was used in both attacks Charlie discovers that Michael Collins' sister Carol, a drug use, argued with him as she was stealing their invalid father's benefits to feed her habit. However she denies killing him. Daley Black is arrested for selling Michael's phone and is proved to know Jonathan, who rebuffed him, and Nate. The police believe that Daley and Nate worked together robbing closet gays and selling their property. Witnesses report that there was also a woman involved. Could she be the killer and is she Tanya, Carol or Saul's friend Sadie who may have been exploiting his mental state to make him believe himself the murderer.

[Source: IMDb]